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Your Mental
Health Companion

Boost your happiness and emotional well-being with Buddi. Reduce stress, anxiety, and sleep better.

Available November 20th
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Buddi for Organizations

No matter your organization's needs, Buddi offers tailored solutions to fit your unique requirements.

The Buddi Difference

Life-changing features

Personalized Wellness Plans & Insights

Meditations, Journals, Exercises & Sounds

Anonymous Group & One-on-One Venting

Educational Courses & Self-Assessments

Daily Challenges, Quotes & Reflections

Personalized Care

Discover your personalized care journey powered by AI and science, as our app curates tailored recommendations just for you, supporting your path to emotional well-being.

Everything You Need

An abundance of resources & exercises catering to your every need, ensuring you have all the tools to enhance your journey.

Community & Connection

Embrace a sense of belonging and connection with our vibrant community, where you can engage in peer support groups, one-on-one sessions, and participate in uplifting events.

Users loved their experience


​Felt their session was "very helpful" bettering their emotional state


Favored Buddi in opposition to other mental health apps


Said the app was able to cater to their personal coping behavior


"This app transformed my outlook on life. It offers valuable tools for self-discovery and coping strategies. Highly recommend!"

testimonial photo

Emily P.

A Safe Haven

"Incredible community and expert resources. It's like having a personal support system in my pocket."

testimonial photo

Alex M.

So Much Growth

"Tailored wellness plans and mindfulness practices helped me flourish. This app is a game-changer."

testimonial photo

Jason R.

Buddi Cares

"From guided meditations to insightful courses, this app truly cares about its users' well-being."

testimonial photo

Sarah L.

Let's Shine Brighter, Together

Available September 18th
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