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Inspire Positive Change

Buddi is your partner in delivering personalized wellness plans and transformative content for clients' success

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Revolutionizing Mental health

A support option for
every student

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Client Benefits

Achieve Personal Breakthroughs with Buddi

As coaches, you strive to guide your clients towards self-discovery and personal growth. Introduce Buddi as an invaluable tool in your coaching practice, empowering your clients with personalized wellness plans, expert resources, and a supportive community. Together, we can inspire transformational change and foster lasting positive results in their lives.


  • Personalized wellness plans aligned with your coaching objectives

  • Expert resources to augment your coaching strategies

  • A supportive community for clients to connect and inspire each other

  • Goal tracking and progress monitoring for accountability

  • Mindfulness exercises for self-awareness and clarity

  • Positive affirmations and motivation for empowerment

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Life-changing care for your people and immense value for your organization


Felt their session was "very helpful" bettering their emotional state


Favored Buddi in opposition to other mental health apps


Said the app was able to cater to their personal coping behavior

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Coach Benefits

Empower Client Transformation 

As passionate life, health, and fitness coaches, your goal is to inspire positive change in your clients' lives. Introduce Buddi into your coaching practice to empower your clients giving you a tool to creating personalized wellness plans and exclusive content for your clients, accessible in one place. The app's administrative tools and AI GPT-powered insights help you manage members efficiently and gain valuable data on clients' progress, ensuring they receive the best support on their journey to well-being.


  • Create text, audio and video resources accessible on your clients application

  • Personalized wellness plans for targeted coaching objectives

  • Exclusive content creation to elevate coaching strategies

  • Audio exercises and guides for enhanced client engagement

  • Efficient member management and feature access

  • AI GPT-powered insights for data-driven coaching approaches

  • Top data and privacy security to protect client confidentiality

Empower your clients to feel their best

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