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Becoming Resilient While Facing The Tribulations of Life

Life is unpredictable. We aren’t given a map of all the uncertainties that waft around us. There aren’t roads, routes, and other landmarks etched into a piece of paper for us to follow through and through. We aren’t given a manual with steps scrupulously listed. It’s normal to have qualms about things that can happen in the future, whether the future is in a few minutes, days, or years. Life throws us curve balls and obstacles left and right. But, rather than focusing on the unpredictability and chaos of life, it’s important to become resilient. When we are faced with tribulations, adversity, and distress, we should shed light on what we learn from the situation. How can you grow as a person? What is the repertoire of skills you can develop? How can you come back from adversity as a much stronger and wiser person? Becoming resilient isn’t a linear process. It need not take one, two, or even three steps. It could take a hundred, a million, or even more steps. Essentially, it takes earnest time and effort. You may experience setbacks and failure along this seemingly unconquerable force. Allow yourself to experience the tears and pains and worries that you may have in your heart. At the same time, view adversity as an opportunity of intrapersonal growth. Challenges can serve as the fuel for strength. Becoming resilient requires self-compassion. Make sure you are fueling your brain and heart by staying hydrated and consuming nutritious food. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep and doing self-care. Furthermore, it’s pivotal to acknowledge your strengths. Lastly, never be afraid to ask for help if you need it. It may seem difficult to navigate the challenges that intrude our paths, but becoming resilient can help you combat anything that storms your way.


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