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Discipline Is Your Power

Although discipline is not an easy practice to grasp, implement, or embody, it’s something that can change your health forever: mental, and physical. Discipline teaches you persistence, helps you adapt to different circumstances, and can give you a greater feeling of peace than you knew you were capable of.

The one relationship we need to trust and nourish the most is the one we have with ourselves. Showing up for ourselves consistently is a hard task at times, but that’s where discipline comes into place. In order to care for yourself properly, self-discipline is essential.

“Self-discipline is the ability to push yourself forward, stay motivated, and take action, regardless of how you're feeling, physically or emotionally. You're showing it when you intentionally choose to pursue something better for yourself, and you do it in spite of factors such as distractions, hard work, or unfavorable odds.” (Mindtools).

How do we do this?

Implementing discipline means staying persistent and consistent with your own personal goals, no matter what they are. Remember, you’re human. When you need to rest, rest. If you’re on a diet, give yourself a cheat day here and there. But stay on a path of consistency. There are many reported benefits to discipline such as:

  1. Improvement of Mental Health

  • People practicing self-discipline report higher levels of self-confidence, happiness, and independence. Researchers have also found that self-discipline eases anxiety. (Mindtools)

2. Physical Health Benefits:

  • Disciplining yourself with exercise, eating, and nutrition can help your overall physical health.

3. Improve your relationships

  • Individuals with high self-discipline have reported longer and happier relationships.

4. Help you feel happier and more resilient

  • Those who practice self-discipline can bounce back faster after adversity as well as feel stronger gratitude due to their practice of delayed gratification.

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