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If You Can't Stay Motivated, Stay Consistent

If you can’t stay motivated, stay consistent.

Think about a habit. A study conducted in 2021 came to the conclusion that habits take 60 days to form. So although you might not have the energy or mental willpower to get motivated to start or continue with something you are working for, as long as you are staying consistent the thing you are working for will soon become a part of you.

Motivation isn’t always easy, and neither is consistency. However, the one thing we can control is our actions, therefore you can control how consistent you are.

Consistency is a form of respect for ourselves, to show up and prove to ourselves that we care about our goals and that they are attainable. Consistency is the foundation of our relationship with ourselves and others. “Experts agree that consistency is key to building trust – be that in your professional or personal relationships. This trust, in turn, leads to long-term stability, which is characterized by both parties feeling valued, supported, secure and/or loved.” (Hello Coach)

An easy example of this would be going to the gym. Let’s say you have a goal to lose 10 pounds. It can feel discouraging when you aren’t seeing any results, and that can dwindle down your motivation. But as you start to stick to it and see the results, your motivation increases. When consistency is practiced, motivation follows.

Motivation will come and go, but you can make the choice to keep promises with yourself, and that practice will feel rewarding.

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